Bare Beauty – HIgh Definition: Part One


By Lauren Hickman

Ladies, we all know the base of our makeup is the most important- foundation! There are so many different types on the market today, however don’t be fooled by the higher end brands. Although brands like Mac, Estee lauder and Benefit are the most popular makeup brands out there; if you’re looking for a good quality yet affordable product, Bourjois and Revolution are your guys.



1. Estée Lauder

Double Wear Stay-In-Place Makeup SPF 10 (£31)

Known as the UK’s number one foundation! This award winning product has medium coverage and is known to last up to 15 hours without blemishing. Not only perfect for skin with imperfections, but also an amazing product for you ladies working long days.


2. MAC Studio

Waterweight SPF 30 Foundation (£26)

If you find that your skin isn’t oily enough, this foundation has medium buildable coverage; so the more you apply, the less imperfections you see. It is a water weight product making it weightless on your skin too.



The One Foundation (£4)

The One Foundation gives full coverage, resulting in a fleeky matte finish. Due to its liquid formula, it is easily buildable which means you can continue to re-apply coat after coat without it looking too much. This product is, again, a high street product which makes it easily accessible and also affordable, perfect for everyday use.



Healthy Mix Foundation (£10.99)

Bourjois Healthy mix foundation is a great foundation for a healthy glow and flawless complexion, leaving skin feeling hydrated and luminous.



123 Perfect (£10.99)

123 Perfect corrects and seals as well as the higher end products at a fraction of the price. For those times of year when theres too much month left at the end of your money.


6.MAC Studio

Fix Fluid SPF 15 (£22)

For those who suffer with either oily skin or break outs from time to time, this foundation is your best friend. Not only does it have full coverage to hide the imperfections, it also controls oil and leaves you with the matte finish you need.



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