To become a successful entrepreneur, it is crucial to surround oneself with a circle of success and positivity. It is a crucial skill as an entrepreneur to attract and maintain relationships with those who can add value to your journey, and crucially assist in the success of an entrepreneur.


6 Top tips on becoming a networking master:

  1. What You Know–  Showcasing skills along the way will help attract those who are looking to networks with experts. This does not necessarily have to be in the same sector. Be an idea’s person who isn’t afraid to share tips.
  2. Follow-Up –  Always follow up on networking opportunities, it will show accountability to a networking partner and will encourage behavioral mirroring.
  3. Online Presence – A vast amount of networking takes place through social media, so make it a priority to create a LinkedIn profile, and keep it updated. This is a great way to showcase business skills and experience.
  4. Language – A personal brand will be reaffirmed or diluted by the language used to communicate.  Read daily to ensure confidence is achieved in communicating at all levels.
  5. Location – Entrepreneurs are encouraged to choose a postcode that will assist in creating more opportunities for networking and career development.
  6. Give Yourself Away – By not always assuming a remuneration package to showcase skills it can open up opportunities outside of a usual circle. It will demonstrate skills and generosity, which are great characteristics to attract business contacts that will broaden opportunities.  Entrepreneurs should see it as an opportunity to invest in themselves.


Wishing you all the best for a successful 2016!